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Simplex Capital Global investment Management

Simplex Capital aims to build long term relationship with our clients. Hence transparency and integrity are our core beliefs. In todays rapidly changing economic environment we apply common sense, conservative and fundamental approach which utilises technology and information to bring our clients good investment opportunities. Our investment themes are provided after  extensive research and quantitative & qualitative analysis.
We harness knowledge and data. overall OUR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Combine and are characterized by THE RIGOR OF SCIENTIFIC METHODS, DATA ANALYSIS and a fundamental sound basis.
Simplex Capital provides tailored investment and opportunities – across the spectrum of risk appetite. 
Clients receive our honest and undivided attention.
Simplex Capital was launched to provide Alternative and multi-asset CLASS opportunities to HIGH NET WORTH individuals & families AND INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS.  We offer cutting edge opportunities with capital appreciation and/or income generation in mind. Opportunities that are robust and strategic in the constantly changing global economy. 
We aim to be dynamic and flexible.


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Simplex Capital