Simplex Capital

FX solutions

Hedging and Currency transfer service. 

  • Simplex Capital FX offering provides high net worth individuals, families, International Businesses, Institutional firms, Treasury functions and off-shore funds with complete FX and Risk Management Solutions. Simplex Capital provides a tailored and competitive service since our dealers have direct access to live wholesale FX markets 24/7.

  • The Simplex Capital FX solutions can be categorised into the following transaction types:


    Currencies are exchanged on the spot, with the best exchange rate at the time.

    Fix a rate up to two years ahead before sending or receiving currency. Hedge against exchange rate fluctuations and adverse market movements that can seriously affect the bottom line. Your Business or Investment fund can still benefit from favourable movements if they happen.

    Choose a rate that is not yet available on the live market at which it is preferable to exchange. Simplex Capital keep a 24-7 watch on the markets, thus maximising the opportunity to achieve the desired rate.  If and when it becomes available, Simplex Capital automatically purchase/sells the currency on our client’s behalf.


    A stop loss triggers when the market drops to undesirable levels to protect you against the rate continuing to fall. If the market improves, the stop loss won’t trigger and we will adjust it to more desirable levels.

    Simplex Capital has devised strategic risk management tools that allows businesses to outsource their treasury function with adequate control mechanisms.

Simplex Capital Clients

Private Clients

  • Simplex Capital provides private clients competitive rates and complete anonymity in international currency requirements (e.g. buying or selling a yacht or property or making any international payment).

Multi-National firms

  • Simplex Capital provides businesses (e.g. Export/Import companies) with FX hedges to reduce FX market risk. The slightest movement in exchange rate can affect your business significantly. For example, does your business need to regularly make overseas money transfers, such as to pay for imports? The currency exchange rate being offered could prevent getting the best return on your money. With information such as your business annual FX volume, currencies your business trades in and frequency of payments, Simplex Capital will make money saving strategy recommendations and help devise a strategy. Protect your business from potential FX market risks by choosing options other than repeated Spot Transactions. A Forward Contract lets you fix an exchange rate for up to two years, reducing exposure to market fluctuation and exchange rate changes. A Limit Order allows fast reaction when the particular rate you want to have - or avoid - arises. 

          Additionally, if your firm is invoicing for exports in foreign currency and converting revenue into domestic currency, then conversion rate can                   make all the difference in profits. Simplex Capital can help minimise risk and protect your cash flow, whichever countries your company exports             to.  A Forward Contract enables you to know exact invoice values over the next two years.
          Finally for multinational firms with a global multi-currency payroll to manage can be time-consuming and expensive. As well as ensuring                           payments are made on time to multiple geographical locations in different currencies, you need to deal with the uncertainty of currency rates and           potential risk. The Simplex Capital currency hedging strategies help reduce foreign exchange risk – and minimise staff exposure to market                     fluctuations.

The Simplex Capital team

  • Simplex Capital dealers have many years of experience between them with backgrounds ranging from private banking to offshore fund management. Globally our dealers have executed worldwide transfers safely and efficiently in excess of $5 billion to date.

The Simplex Capital proposition

  • Overall, the result for private clients, family-office, small companies and multinational organisations alike, there are several ways to enjoy cost-efficiencies and manage risk when sending or receiving payments across the global, through Simplex Capital live 24/7 access to wholesale FX markets.

Simplex Capital offer:

Highly competitive exchange rates
Quick and easy same-day transfers
Free tailored service with our currency dealers
Dedicated relationship manager
Safe & Secure transfers

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