Milken Institute: FinTech: Disrupting the Future of Banking and Finance

15th September 2016

Stephanie Kelton, former Chief Economist on the US Senate Budget Committee in conversation with David McWilliams on how American economic policy may evolve under President Trump.

As Economic Advisor to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Stephanie has an excellent close-up view of the economic and political challenges facing the US today and the policies that may now be implemented in an effort to tackle them.

​20th December 2016

Simplex Capital

The transformation of Finance. Fintech. Davos World Economic Forum 2016

​21 January 2016

Outlook for 2017 across the Fixed Income and Equity space.

As US Monetary policy is set to normalize and US Fiscal policy is set to expand, the reallocation between Equities and Fixed Income should reflect these changes. Hence we anticipate higher volatility over 2017, which will be augmented by potential policy changes in Europe and the UK. These factors presents opportunities and 'fatter' tail risks.

Hence multi-asset class funds which dynamically allocate across the alternative and asset class space could prove the destination of choice for 2017.

Simplex Capital research suggests strategic multi-asset class funds.

19th December 2016

Ahead of the Curve

Goldman Sachs. A brief summary of how a growing web of interconnected devices, systems and sensors is helping to fuel development and the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on every industry. 

​20th December 2016